Baruch Schori, MSc, MBA


Baruch is a seasoned executive in healthcare and technology ventures with broad, diversified experience as an entrepreneur, as a business and technology leader, and as a venture capitalist. Baruch was as a technical manager at the Aircraft Simulators division at Elbit Systems, international developer of defense and homeland security solutions. He later was responsible for marketing and business development at Omniguide, a US-based medtech startup, developing minimally invasive laser-based surgical tools. In 2006, Baruch joined Medica Venture Partners investment team, managing Medica3 fund - a $115 million healthcare focused fund investing in medtech and biotech companies. Recently, Baruch led the bidding and setup processes of three Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) healthcare incubators, each owned by a multinational consortium, composed of pharma/medtech leaders.
Baruch holds a BSc in Information Systems Engineering, cum laude, from the Technion, an MSc in Health Science and Technology from Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology, and an MBA from the Sloan School of Management at MIT.

Yifat Merbl, PhD

Co-founder and CTO

Dr. Merbl joined the immunology Department at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 2014 as the incumbent of the Leonard and Carol Berall Career Development Chair. The Merbl lab focuses on elucidating molecular mechanisms of protein modifications in Cancer and Immune regulation with more than 15 research fellows at all training levels, working on various biological topics. The work at the Merbl lab involves diverse disciplines ranging from biochemistry, proteomics to cancer research and in vivo work. Dr. Merbl has recently received the Starting grant award by the ERC as well as the Gruber award for young investigators and the Alon Fellowship for excellence in Science.
Dr. Merbl holds a BSc in Computational Biology, summa cum laude, from the Bar Ilan University, and an MSc in Immunology from the Weizmann Institute of science. Dr. Merbl performed her post doctorate and doctorate work in Systems Biology at the Harvard Medical School, where she focused on fundamental processes in cell division and regulation of post-translational modifications.

Haim Tsubery, PhD 

R&D Manager

Dr. Tsubery has extensive experience in biochemical research and assays development in academy and industry settings.
Prior to Joining PTM Biosciences, Haim was a Director of Research at Neurophage Pharmaceutical (Proclara Biosciences). Haim established the company’s R&D lab and developed the company’s bacteriophage protein as drug candidate for Alzheimer’s disease form a serendipitous discovery to human clinical trials. During that time, Haim’s led and directed the development of unique biochemical assays to support the research and development efforts. 
Haim holds a PhD in chemistry from the Weizmann Institute of science. After completing his PhD Haim joined the Department of Biological Chemistry at the Weizmann Institute and developed a general approach for reversible PEGylation of peptide- and protein-based therapeutics. Following that Haim performed his post doctorate work in at the University of Chicago, focusing on the development of biochips for Label-free detection of oligonucleotides modifications using MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.

Gali Lerman, PhD 


Dr. Lerman is a hands-on, results-driven researcher and multi-versatile scientist with diverse knowledge in biology-related research methods.
Prior to Joining PTM Biosciences, Gali conducted her post doctorate work at the Sheba medical center and was involved in establishing a humanized mouse model of Psoriasis and developing a new, patent-pending microRNA-based drug for the treatment of Psoriasis. Gali also developed an innovative, patent-pending diagnostic kit for human parasite diseases.
Gali holds a BSc in Biology, cum laude, and MSc in Microbiology, cum laude, from the Tel Aviv University. Gali performed her doctorate work in Molecular Biology at the Tel Aviv University, where she uncovered the small RNA involvement in the evolving Psoriatic skin. Her work involved the recovering of 14 significantly differentiated miRNA expressions and revealing two different feedback loops of key factors in Psoriatic skin - IGF and IL22.

Elinor Dehan, PhD 


Dr. Dehan is a Cancer Genomics scientist at Watson for Genomics, IBM, with extensive translational research experience in the field of Cancer Biology.
Dr. Dehan completed her PhD degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the New York University School of Medicine where she studied how the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway controls mechanisms of cell death in cancer. Elinor’s research elucidated a critical control mechanism for the apoptotic response and suggested a potential therapeutic strategy for the killing of cancer cells (Dehan et al. molecular cell 2009, and granted patent US8093043).  Following her doctorate work Dr. Dehan joined the Belfer Institute for Applied Cancer Science, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, where she led target validation and drug discovery projects of oncology targets as part of a partnership with Merck Research Laboratories.

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