PTM Biosciences is dedicated to advancing personalized medicine by developing proteomics-based products and tools for disease diagnosis, disease management, and drug development.
PTM Biosciences is developing and commercializing a unique technology, termed Post Translational Modifications Profiling (PTMP), conceived at the Harvard Medical School by Dr. Yifat Merbl, a co-founder of the company. This proprietary technology uncovers the potential of protein modifications to reveal the actual physiological state of a disease and provides key information for identification of novel drug targets, elucidation of mechanism of action of drugs, and discovery of predictive biomarkers.
By measuring PTM activity from clinical samples such as blood or tumor tissue, we generate a patient-specific, activity-based signature as a core facilitator of personalized medicine.
PTM Biosciences´ technology offers a unique opportunity to lead growth in the personalized medicine market, expected to grow significantly in the near future.


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