Post Translational Modifications Profiling

The Post Translational Modifications Profiling (PTMP) technology is able, for the first time, to perform high throughput comparative analyses of clinical samples at the PTM level, such as ubiquitin, ubiquitin-like modifications (SUMO, NEDD8) and others (phosphorylation, glycosylation), on thousands of proteins in parallel. 

By measuring Post Translational Modifications activity of clinical samples such as blood, tumor tissue and cerebral spinal fluids, our innovative technology allows unprecedented insights into protein modifications within tissues, revealing the biological activity and the actual physiological state of a disease.
The application of PTMP to clinical samples of diverse clinical conditions such as disease subtypes, drugs responsiveness, and disease recurrence, allows the generation of a patient-specific, activity-based signature that leads to novel discovery of predictive biomarkers and reveals fundamental information for understanding the molecular basis of the disease.


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